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Banish bad vibes and plan like a pro!

The ultimate wedding planning checklist? CHECK!

Planning your own wedding can be a bit like peanut butter, bumpy or smooth. What you end up with on your plate, has a lot to do with that initial fatal decision making.

Make the process a reese's pieces by hiring trusted, and quality vendors from MYK Events Group. Keep track of it all by following the checklist below!

MYK Events Group presents you with wedding inspiration you can REACH!


be inspired, and book! all in the one site.

This is a one woman show at the moment, but I have worked tirelessly and meticulously to align my processes with world class tools and the very best Vendors to subcontract.

This equals reliable, trusted vendors at your fingertips.

From Sydney's Northern Beaches, to South Coast. Le'ts not forget our friend's at the Hunter Valley and Wollombi. Get in touch to find your favorite wedding Vendor and give your wedding planning process the respect it deserves, without breaking the bank, or your tab count on your computer!

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